What Clients Say…

Stacie- I just want to let you know how much it has meant to me to have been your client for the past 6 months.

I have been a highly competitive triathlete for the past 5 years and was accustomed to training with an upper back pain on my long bike rides. It was amazing after seeing you weekly how my pain diminished. When I first started with you , I would without a doubt, get pain in my rhomboid/trapezius area by mile 25-35. I could time it without even looking at my bike computer! After you worked on me twice the pain held off until mile 50-60. Within a month, the pain did not come until mile 70-80. By my Ironman Race, I was not experiencing ANY back pain! The funny thing is, when you have the pain, that is all you think about, when its gone…you don’t think about it at all!

Not only did you fix my back pain, you kept me injury free in all areas. With all of the long runs I put in, as soon as I noticed a twinge of pain, you massaged and cupped it and it was GONE! You prevented injury, and kept things in check and under control.

I went on to have the BEST race of my life. I set a personal record during that Ironman and placed 18th in my age group out of over 140 females!

I will attest and promote to every athlete I know, that weekly bodywork with you will not only prevent injury, but keep you flexible and healthy so that you can race at your optimal level!

I truly, cannot thank you enough!

Jackie Miller Certified Personal Trainer Triathlete Coach

I’ve had alot of massages that claim to be deep. Nobody gets in there like Stacie. I recommend her to all my team mates. I send them in and Stacie does the rest.

Bronson Arroyo Major League Baseball Player Cincinnati Reds

Stacie is the only therapist that I refer to professionally, and utilize personally. After suffering a fairly serious shoulder injury and undergoing multiple surgeries to correct, it was Stacie who finally eliminated my pain and helped to restore my full range of motion.

Her skills as a Neuromusclar Therapist are unmatched in my experience and her dedication to improving her craft is evident. She truly sets the standard for others in her field.

Referring to Stacie as a Massage Therapist is like calling a Ferrari a car, technically correct but not at all accurate.

David Conger MOTR/L Occupational Therapist

My body is vital to my performance on the field. Stacie definitely has my body ready to compete!

Jerry Hairston Jr. Major League Baseball LA Dodgers

Love my massage….Stacie’s the BEST!! She got my shoulder pain free and I’m feeling good…..thanks Stacie.

Faith Yoder Sarasota, Florida

My massage today was probably the best treatment ever. My TMJ is nearly gone after 3 sessions, my hip problems are also becoming more and more bareable. Stacie, you are truly gifted!

Assunta Swier Sarasota, Florida

I think Stacie does wonderful work and she is in tune with the body and what kind of work it needs.

Jacque Jones Major League Baseball Player

Thanks for your continued support and healing powers!

David O’Meara Renowned Coach, Speaker, Author & Athlete

Thank you Stacie, I forgot how GOOD you really are, you rock. My structure is more relaxed and I feel good. You are the best and the closest I can get to my own style of Structural Integration, Myofascial Release.

Michael Peel, LMT Certified Rolfer


What Students Say…

“I enjoyed the course and I am excited to introduce MediCupping into my practice. I feel prepared enough to begin using this modality right away. That is thanks to Stacie Nevelus for her superior teaching skills. Beyond her skills, her love for massage and MediCupping is contagious. Thank you Stacie and MediCupping for introducing a new phase to my practice.”

“I love Stacie’s personality and energy. The excitement she has for the modality is such a joy and it is infectious. I loved the easy rapport that developed almost immediately among the members of our group. The BEST seminar I have ever taken.”

Various Students – August 2013 Workshop

“Stacie was the best! She mixed work with the pleasure of learning and enthusiasm to continue this modality and add it to my ongoing tools of the trade.”

“Lots of information presented efficiently with lots of love .”

“Stacie”s enthusiasm, belief and passion for this modality made it a fun and extremely comprehensive workshop! I have used massage cupping off and on over the past 18 months but I now consider myself to be more knowledgeable and a more capable practitioner.”

Various Students – April 2013 Workshop

“Stacie was wonderful. It was well worth the trip from VA. She has a great personality and she is a natural teacher!”

“Stacie is personable, knowledgeable and presents the information with humor and style which helps you remember what was presented. Awesome!”

Various Students – November 2012 Workshop

“Great personal stories. Stacie was great!”

“This was the most fun and helpful class ever! I loved every moment of it and learned alot!!! Stacie is the BEST.”

“I especially liked the attention to sports therapy and focus on injury recuperation.”

Various Students – September 2012 Workshop

“The best workshop I have attended in the last 15 years.”

“Very fun class and very informative. I’ll be using massage cupping immediately in my practice.”

“This course exceeded my needs. Stacie kept my interest and there was never a dull moment.”

Various Students – July 2012 Workshop

“This course has excited me like no other and I am walking away with a valuable tool for my practice.”

“The most helpful was the hands on demonstration, the one on one attention and help from the instructor.”

“I liked Stacie’s sense of humor and her knowledge of the body and all the equipment we used during the workshop.”

Various Students – October 2011 Workshop

“Instructor was EXCELLENT!”

“Stacie is one of the best massage educators I have ever had. She is an organized presenter and is obviously passionate about cupping.”

“Stacie has a great upbeat character and has lots of knowledge about massage cupping.”

Various Students – July 2011 Workshop

“Stacie was wonderful, enthusiastic and made learning fun. She is very detail oriented and works hands on. I was able to retain so much information from this workshop.”

“Stacie is top notch in training. She made class interesting at all times.”

Various Students – May 2011 Workshops

“Stacie has great knowledge and teaches with confidence. I was engaged by her passion and love of cupping.”

“The hands on demonstration was great. Stacie explained movements and the mechanics of the machine.”

Various Students – April 2011 Workshop